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Ensure professional services and products exceed your every goal.

Areas of Expertise


Digital Product Management

Building successful products requires a deep understanding of customer needs, the competitive landscape, and how to work cross-functionally across an organization and specifically with a technology team. It also requires a strong project and process management, attention to detail and an ability to innovate effectively.

I am passionate about all things digital and the rewards that come for all when product management is done successfully. I measure success by how quickly and effectively I can turn around a problem project, provide actionable changes to your process or help you improve your approach to product management.

3GEM helps your organization in managing digital product development by providing a variety of potential services. I can assess the maturity of your product management group, evaluate the skills of the individuals, make actionable recommendations, and guide their implementation. This includes helping executive management take full advantage of product management, defining crisp product roles and responsibilities, establishing the right product management process, determining the right KPIs, and creating a comprehensive product management learning program.

I can also serve as a contract Product Manager, building the ground work for a product management practice within your organization based on solid process and expertise. Or, I can augment your existing product management staff to help with a specific project, whether it be the rapid building of an initial minimally viable product (MVP); iteration of an existing, well established platform or system; or creation of an update of a competitive landscape. Whatever the product or goal, my primary focus is on enabling organizations to conceive, design, develop and deliver great products, products that people really enjoy using.

Proposal Writing/editing

No one likes writing proposals, right? WRONG. 3GEM's Tami Bonnett-Admi has written 100's of proposals and RFP responses in her career and enjoyed every (well almost every) minute of it. Proposals are all about putting an organization's best foot forward, while demonstrating an understanding of how to meet the customer's stated requirements explicitly or creatively.

3GEM can help you not only respond to specific proposals, RFP or RFI, but also in building a solid internal proposal process, including but not limited to development of proposal templates, a RFP/RFI/proposal database or wiki, and creation of reusable proposal collateral. Similarly, I can serve as a second set of eyes on proposals, providing both copy editing and a professional review.

professional services product development

Professional services are products, too, but they're often not treated as such. When strategized, built and rolled out correctly, they don't need to retain that reputation of being the "one and done" sale of a technology or SaaS business. 

3GEM has vast experience in building professional services in a wide variety of areas, including but not limited to: SaaS platform implementation services, training, program and project management, software customization and configuration, and strategic consulting. Throughout my career, I've built successful professional service businesses from scratch, starting with market scans, understanding of customer needs, process development, recruiting and team building, product strategy, tactical product development and more.

The common denominators to my professional services development work: develop services that are revenue positive, ensure penetration, and most importantly, guarantee customer satisfaction.

learning consulting

Need to enter the 21st century of learning? Want to ensure your stakeholders - internal or external - are trained or educated in a way that will ensure retention and engagement, while at the same keeping costs down? Have an association, K-12, Higher Ed, corporate non-profit or government learning initiative that needs strategic guidance?

3GEM is the consultancy for you. With more than 20 years in the learning space, I have deep expertise in all things learning and can help you in a wide range of project initiatives, including but not limited to: strategic learning evaluation and planning; Learning Management System (LMS) evaluation, selection and implementation; LMS administration and configuration; content development;  platform customization projects; recruitment of learning professionals and more.

With specific expertise in Moodle, the world's most widely used open source LMS, 3GEM can help you ensure your Moodle implementation is a success. Having worked with some of the world's leading Moodle experts, I am well versed in everything Moodle - customization, configuration, long-term strategic maintenance, training and more. 

Process review and development

I am a firm believer in the development of solid process. At every organization I have been a part of, I have been a key leader in establishing processes from the ground up that enabled those organizations to scale effectively.

At Moodlerooms, I lead a team that built processes that enabled successful management of custom software development, sales enablement, product rollouts, delivery of professional services and more. At Sevatec, in establishing the Learning Solutions business unit, I worked with the proposal team to establish a scalable process that enabled the organization to win more than 30 projects in a single year to provide learning solutions to the government. And these are just two examples of many.

3GEM can help your organization in reviewing internal processes, evaluate the effectiveness of approaches and talent in place, make actionable recommendations with regards to human resources, tools and approach; and then guide their implementation. I've taken many organizations that worked in an ad-hoc manner and grew them to profitable revenue bases. Let me do the same for your organization!

start-up BUSINESS STRATEGY and strategic consulting

A self-confessed start-up junkie, I love the transparency and energy that comes from building a business from scratch. The best parts of my career…working in start-ups, wearing multiple hats; building successful teams and  guiding their growth; developing strong internal and external (customer and partner) relationships; and building successful, innovative digital and services products that exceeded both customer expectation and revenue goals.

Being employee #5 and #34 in two successful start-ups taught me that when start-ups engage with outside consultants, they don’t need sages on the stage who provide ambiguous recommendations – rather, they need outside experts who have made mistakes already for them and have since learned; who can do the work, and who can provide training on what needs to be done to carry that expertise forward internally.

That is 3GEM’s approach…I don’t see myself as a consultant but rather as a member of your organization and wholly invested in your goals.
3GEM can serve as a hands-on interim professional or executive for a variety of roles. I have the experience and expertise in the start-up world to do the job, provide coaching where needed, produce results and at a predictable cost.